Power Generation

At Grange Holdings we make power available to communities in the regions we serve at the lowest possible cost, to support social development and economic growth. We do this by investing, owning and operating plants to generate power. We use traditional fuels and renewable energy in the most reliable manner and operate to the best ethical standards.


Our strategy is to own and operate mid to large scale mining assets diversified by geography, market and commodity. We are focused on developing, growing and obtaining assets to continue to meet the changing needs of the global market. Our products are the raw materials fuelling present and future growth

Real Estate

Grange Holdings has also completed a large number of development projects in both residential and commercial sectors. Some project examples include:


- Construction of a 275 bed hotel in Paris.

- Construction of luxury villas in Dubai, UAE.

- Luxury residential refurbishments in central London.

- Commercial mid rise development in Lahore, Pakistan.

- Housing scheme in Marbella, Spain.

- Central London car parks (U-Park Holdings Ltd).



Inmind Healthcare is a nationwide provider of care for males and females over the age of eighteen who have complex mental health, personality disorder and physical health needs. We also care for elderly people who may suffer from dementia and may also require palliative care.


We operate residential services for children in single sex homes, we also operate a fully registered school for young people.


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